Citizenship in Turkey - 2024 Guide

Citizenship in Turkey

Updated on Monday 22nd January 2024

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Citizenship in Turkey
Citizenship in Turkey can be obtained by marriage, at birth (based on kinship), or by acquisition. We recommend those interested in citizenship by marriage in 2024 to discuss all legal aspects with one of our Turkish lawyers with experience in this matter. In the following lines, you can read some essential information about Turkish citizenship requirements to get an idea of what this entails and what you need to prepare. Our team can help you immigrate to Turkey in a fast and simple manner.
 Quick Facts  
 How can you get citizenship in Turkey?

- by birth,

- by marriage,

- by naturalization,

- by investment 

Documents required for obtaining Turkish citizenship 

-  standard form VAT-6,

- translated and notarized passport,

- birth certificate,

- residence permit,

- clear criminal record

Condition for obtaining citizenship by marriage 

 Being married for at least 3 years.

 Turkish citizenship by property purchase It needs to buy a property worth at least USD 400,000. 
Other types of investments for getting Turkish citizenship 

- forming a company and hiring at least 50 Turkish workers,

- have bank deposits or government bonds worth at least USD 500,000 

 Time frame for obtaining citizenship in Turkey

Around 3 months 

Family members joining the citizenship by investment application 

- spouses,

- minor children,

- parents,

- grandparents 

 Police clearance certificate required (YES/NO)


 Proof of investment source for citizenship

The Turkish authorities solicit information about the provenience of money you want to invest when accessing citizenship by investment in Turkey. 

 When can you apply for citizenship in Turkey?  After 5 years of living in Turkey
 Turkish citizenship by employment

Application is possible after 5 years under a work contract in Turkey. 

We can manage the formalities for Turkish citizenship application (YES/NO) 


Dual citizenship allowed (YES/NO) 


 Benefits of a Turkish passport

- visa-free travels to many countries worldwide,

- possibility to obtain US residency through an E-2 visa 

Reasons to choose our Turkish law firm 

- complete legal services at competitive prices,

- experienced team of lawyers,

- professionalism and efficiency 


What is the acquisition of citizenship by birth?

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, Turkey still does not allow obtaining citizenship at birth. Thus, children who are born in this country to foreign parents do not receive Turkish citizenship because it must be based on kinship. In other words, Turkish citizenship by birth is granted to those who have at least one parent of Turkish origin. It is important to understand the legislation of this country, namely the Nationality Act, and to ask for specialized help from our immigration lawyers who can help you move to Turkey.
Having Turkish citizenship by birth allows you to enjoy visa-free travel to varied countries worldwide. Moreover, the formalities required for visas for countries like the USA, UK, or Latin American countries are much simplified.
Here is an infographic with details about Turkish citizenship:
5 Ways for obtaining Turkish citizenship


Turkish citizenship by marriage in 2024

People married for at least 3 years to Turkish citizens can be excellent candidates for citizenship in Turkey. We present the following Turkish citizenship requirements:
  • You must prove that you lived together, as a family, in Turkey.
  • The authorities will ensure that candidates for Turkish citizenship by marriage do not represent a threat to the country.
  • The authorities are also the ones who can make checks regarding multiple partners, as such thing is not allowed when applying for Turkish citizenship by marriage.
  • You must complete the standard form VAT-6.
  • The passport must be translated and notarized.
  • Birth certificate, identity registry copy, marital status certificate will be requested.
  • In this process, you need to present your residence permit in Turkey.
So, these are some of the Turkish citizenship requirements and we specify on this occasion that if the authorities consider that you have other plans than a proper marriage or family union, they may reject your application for obtaining citizenship in Turkey.
We advise you to contact our immigration lawyers in Turkey to learn more about Turkish citizenship by marriage.
According to statistics, the Turkish passport is the 52nd most powerful in the world. Turkish passport holders can travel without electronic travel authorization or visa on arrival.
Turkish citizenship is instantly granted to children born from at least one Turkish citizen. There are also special cases of children with Turkish parents who weren’t registered with the local municipality until 18 years of age. In such a situation, the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs can make some examinations and decide whether applicants can enjoy nationality in Turkey or not.
We are here to help you immigrate to Turkey.

Acquiring citizenship in Turkey by purchasing a property

You have the opportunity to obtain citizenship in Turkey by purchasing property in this country. Thus, with the purchase of property worth at least USD 400,000, you can access the Turkish citizenship program. The procedures are simple, as long as the steps for the purchase of real estate property are followed, and then the formalities for obtaining citizenship in Turkey must be taken into account. And in this case, you are invited to contact our lawyers for specialized legal advice who can help you relocate to Turkey.
Below is a video presentation about the ways you can obtain Turkish citizenship:


Turkish citizenship by descent criteria

Getting citizenship in Turkey can involve different paths. But if you have Turkish ancestry, things can be simplified. Thus, if you have distant relatives or roots in Turkey, you can apply for Turkish citizenship by descent
Many clients want to purchase this type of citizenship and need a detailed check and specialized legal services. To be able to apply for Turkish citizenship by descent, you must prove the bloodline first. Here are required birth and/or death certificates, marriage certificates, and other documents that certify family relationships with Turkish citizens. Our immigration lawyers in Turkey can help you in this way and explain the process of getting Turkish citizenship by birth:
  • Verification of the documents presented, with the relevant authorities.
  • The request for information according to the documents presented. 
  • Clear evidence is needed to prove that you have or have had Turkish relatives.
  • Representation before the authorities at the time of application for Turkish citizenship by descent.


There are certain conditions to apply for Turkish citizenship by descent, as follows:


  • You must prove that you were born in Turkey or outside the country, having a Turkish mother or father.
  • You are a child born of a foreign mother and a Turkish father or a Turkish mother and a foreign father.
One can claim Turkish citizenship by birth if one of the parents is Turkish, without taking into account the place of birth. However, getting citizenship in Turkey by descent is not a valid option for children born in Turkey to foreign parents.
Foreign citizens who own and hold at least 3 years of venture capital investment fund participation shares or real estate investment fund participation worth a minimum of USD 500,000 can be good candidates for Turkish citizenship.
We recommend specialized help offered by our law firm in Turkey if you are interested in more information about Turkish citizenship by descent.

Other conditions for getting citizenship in Turkey

The authorities are quite strict regarding citizenship in Turkey and are entitled to make a series of checks and also to ask for a lot of information. Here are other formalities and conditions that you should take into account for getting citizenship in Turkey:
  • The minimum age to apply for Turkish citizenship is 18 years.
  • Before applying for citizenship in Turkey, you must prove that you have lived in this country for at least 5 years with a residence permit.
  • You must also prove that you know the Turkish language and that you have enough funds to support your living in this country.
  • A clear criminal record is also requested, and normally a good conduct certificate issued by the police is required.
Foreigners may apply for exceptional Turkish citizenship under certain conditions. For instance, they must purchase USD 500,000 worth of state borrowing instruments from the Ministry of Treasury and Finance in Turkey and held them for at least 3 years.

The E2 visa for Turkish citizens

Once you get citizenship in Turkey, you can enjoy a series of benefits, including easily obtaining the E2 Visa for USA. This type of visa allows entry the American market as Turkish entrepreneurs looking to expand their business horizons in this territory. Business connections with the United States are thus greatly simplified for Turkish citizens who have obtained citizenship.
If you are interested in more about this topic, you can talk to one of our lawyers. We can help you with the steps and formalities to obtain citizenship in Turkey when you want to apply.

Turkey dual citizenship

Those interested in citizenship in Turkey are not obliged to give up their current citizenship. According to the local legislation, foreigners can even have multiple citizenships, if necessary. In conclusion, Turkish dual citizenship is allowed.
Here are some statistical data about immigration to Turkey:


  • The number of immigrants decreased by approximately 33.2% in 2022, compared to the previous year.
  • Over 399,600 foreign citizens had Turkish citizenship in 2022.
  • More than 12% of Turkey's immigrants were aged between 25 and 29, according to data for 2022.
  • Istanbul has the largest number of immigrants, with over 35% of their total.
  • 14.8% of the immigrants who chose Turkey for their new home live in Antalya.

Main benefits of Turkish citizenship

Getting citizenship in Turkey means a series of advantages, and among them, the following are the most important:
  • Turkish citizens can travel to certain countries in the world without needing a visa. There are over 110 destinations where Turkish citizens receive a visa upon entering the respective country.
  • Turkish citizenship can be offered to the whole family if the applicant includes them in the chosen program.
  • If you have already lived in Turkey for 3 years, you can easily obtain the E-2 investor visa required to enter the USA.
  • Turkey is an important financial point and one of the largest business centers in Europe and Asia. Thus, businesses opened in Turkey can develop important connections all over the world.
  • Another reason why foreigners choose Turkey for relocation is the high standard of living, a very well-developed health system, as well as an education system, appreciated abroad.

A short guide for moving to Turkey

If you want to relocate to Turkey, it is good to take into account some important aspects:
  • In most cases, a Turkish visa is needed. Certain visas have specific purposes. Our Turkish immigration lawyers can explain the procedures and help you obtain the necessary visa with the help of online formalities.
  • If you intend to stay in Turkey for more than 3 months, you must apply for a residence permit. Otherwise, it is considered that you are staying in this country illegally. In this regard, health insurance and proof of payment of the related tax are required.
  • Registration with the local authorities is mandatory when you start the procedures for obtaining a residence permit in Turkey.
  • It is recommended that you already have a domicile in Turkey when you apply for residence. Many of those who relocate here prefer to rent a house, while others want to buy a property. A real estate agent can be useful in this case.
  • If you want to relocate and gain Turkish citizenship, you can opt for dedicated programs. For example, buying a property worth at least USD 400,000 can be an excellent option in this regard.
  • If you have obtained a residence permit in Turkey, you can turn your attention to opening a bank account, in case you are interested in this. Here, our Turkish attorneys can explain the formalities.
  • A permanent residence permit in Turkey is obtained after 8 years of living in this country, as provided by the legislation.
  • If you want to relocate to Turkey for business purposes, you also have an entrepreneur visa with a validity of 3 months for the registration of a company.
  • Citizenship in Turkey can be obtained after 5 years of living in this country. To benefit from a simple and fast process, you can opt for the services offered by one of our experts with experience in immigration issues.

Working with our immigration lawyers in Turkey

You can simplify the process of getting citizenship in Turkey if you call for specialized help and a team with experience in this field. At our Turkish law firm, you can discover a wide range of legal services tailored to your needs. In addition, you can avoid situations where the application for residence or work permit or Turkish citizenship by descent, for example, is rejected due to incomplete or missing documents.
You can opt for citizenship by investment in Turkey or even a passport by investment and buy properties in this sense. We recommend those interested in Turkish citizenship requirements in 2024 to contact our law firm as soon as possible.